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Best Self Service Laundromat in Tacoma

Looking for a reliable laundry service in Tacoma? Look no further than Lighthouse Laundry! Whether you're looking to outsource all of your laundries or just nee... Read more

The Best Choice for Laundry Service

Everything on your laundry list:
What do you look for in a laundromat? A clean, brightly lit environment and plenty of machines that wash and dry efficiently. Li... Read more

How We Started

For Patrick Montgomery and his wife Laurie, running a laundry business and becoming parents were always two sides of the same plan. "Laurie was working as a pre... Read more

How it is Going

John and I met Pat in a small group from church, and we had been praying for a laundromat for a long time. When he found out Pat had a laundromat, he just wante... Read more