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Best Self Service Laundromat in Tacoma

Looking for a reliable laundry service in Tacoma? Look no further than Lighthouse Laundry! Whether you're looking to outsource all of your laundries or just need a few delicate items taken care of, our state-of-the-art laundromat has got you covered. Our large-capacity washers and dryers can handle 4 to 8 loads ...

The Best Choice for Laundry Service

Everything on your laundry list:
What do you look for in a laundromat? A clean, brightly lit environment and plenty of machines that wash and dry efficiently. Lighthouse Laundry has it all!⠀
Large Machines for specialty items like comforters and sleeping bags: “Get ready for camping. Wash and dry your sleeping ...

How We Started

For Patrick Montgomery and his wife Laurie, running a laundry business and becoming parents were always two sides of the same plan. "Laurie was working as a preschool teacher and really enjoyed it. But when we decided to start a family, she wanted a job with flexible hours so she could stay home with the kids ...